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Onkruit Soundsystem

Our soundsystem consists of two Turbosound TMS-3s and six Labhorns. 


Turbosound TMS-3

Full range horn-loaded three-way speaker

• 2x 15" LF Drivers
• 2x 12" MF Drivers
• 1x 2" HF Driver
• 45Hz-20000Hz Frequency response
• 775W RMS
• 130dB Maximum continuous SPL
• 108dB 1w/1m Average sensitivity
• 70° Horizontal and 40° vertical dispersion

The TMS-3 is the top of the line model in the TMS Series of Full Range Loudspeakers. It incorporates the patented Turbosound features in a tri-amped enclosure designed specifically for the most demanding professional sound reinforcement applications.

The main asset of this system is the TurboMid device. This uses a unique design, covered worldwide by Principle Patents, which allows it to be used over four octaves (250Hz to 4,000Hz) - a system designer's dream.



Horn-loaded subwoofer

• 2x 12" LF Drivers
• 27Hz-100Hz Frequency response
• 800W RMS
• 130dB Maximum continuous SPL
• 112dB 1w/1m Average sensitivity

The Labhorn is a horn-loaded subwoofer designed by Tom Danley. It uses the Eminence Lab 12 driver, which was specifically designed for the Labhorn. 

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