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About us

We are Onkruit, an organisation and soundsystem based in Ghent, Belgium. We were founded in 2017 by a group of like-minded friends that wanted to have their imprint on the Belgian, and more specifically, the Ghent underground.

Our name is borrowed from a Dutch radical non-violent antimilitaristic action group that was active in the seventies and eighties, that targeted their actions against the army, (nuclear) war and the weapon industry as a whole. In one of their many manifestos they stated that anyone that shares their beliefs, may use their name. Under today's circumstances, we believe it is important to take a look back in history and absorb what is already there. More info about the action group can be found here.

On the 22nd of September 2017 we organized our first event, Onkruit Benefiet. Our first imprint in the resurrection of the Ghent underground, as well as a benefit party to kickstart our concept.

Not only do we have a professional mindset in event organization, we share the same mindset in our soundsystem. Sound quality is of great importance to us. We put together a competent soundsystem, consisting of two Turbosound TMS-3s and six Labhorns, that not only plays loud (130dB continuous), but also very clear (TurboMid device, which allows it to play over four octaves on a single driver), deep (down to 27Hz) and far (the entire soundsystem is horn-loaded). 

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